Tips for Yoga, Wellness, and Humorous Stories from a Foreigner Living in Mexico

What is More Than Yoga®?

Arielle Thomas Newman
Arielle Thomas Newman

More Than Yoga® is a phrase I originally created to describe the two-hour classes I taught at my yoga studio in Kansas City, Missouri. On any given day, a class might include Iyengar-based Hatha Yoga, Power Flow, choreographed dance sequences, improvisation, core fitness exercises, restorative yoga, Feldenkrais-style body mechanics, pranayama (breathing), and long Savasanas accompanied by healing visualizations at the end of class

Eventually, More Than Yoga® became the name of my web site and when my husband and I moved to Playa Del Carmen in 2001, More Than Yoga® concepts were incorporated into the custom Yoga By The Sea Vacations I offer where people can do yoga plus scuba dive, golf, take cooking and Spanish classes, and go on travel excursions to see Mayan archaeological sites.

Now in our seventh year of living in Mexico, Well Being is becoming a prime focus for me, as with many of my friends and people I meet from all over the world who come to Playa seeking the sun, the sea and something indefinable that might be called La Pura Vida (pure life).

I find that well being - living well - takes practice, observation, and creativity. La Pura Vida, just like maintaining a yoga practice, involves discipline and a certain amount of letting go, no matter where you live. Living as a foreigner in an adopted country presents its own unique challenges, even when where you are living happens to be paradise.

Yoga has been my inner home and professional arena for more than 20 years. As my life moves more to a Latin pulse, More Than Yoga®, my yoga, and my life are evolving. Teaching, conducting daily chores bi-lingually, swimming in the cha-cha rhythm of the ocean, and experiencing the occasional magical event are all part of living in this most beautiful of tropical settings.

These blog entries describe my discoveries of living La Buena Vida - even when I'm not having what I call "a lucky Mexican day."

Video of My Beach Neighborhood
Playa del Carmen & Riviera Maya, Mexico
by Don Newman

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