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It is my pleasure to help you custom-design your special celebration by drawing from the following activities based sacred traditions honoring the earth and the blessings of the natural world.
-Arielle Newman

Welcome Meeting for the bride and groom and invited guests.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Blessing. Using symbolic totems of the four elements (brought by the bride and groom) or provided from the rich on-site options found in the tropical Caribbean landscape, i.e., a shell, beautiful stone, a wedding candle, and the sacred copal incense, the bridal couple is given an Elemental Blessing of love, purity, devotion, health, and clarity.

Intention-Setting Circle to set the foundation of the wedding in a circle of light, clearing energetic discordances, and elevating the wedding plans to the highest vibration.  Composition of the content of the wedding will be discussed: the order of events; the vows; the preferences of music; readings, etc.

Gratitude Offering - an opportunity for the bride, groom, and family of the couple to offer thanks for this special occasion that marks the union of the two individuals and the goodness that has been part of their lives prior to, and upon meeting one another.

Chakra-Clearing Meditation for the bride and groom. A proven method to clear the energy of the 7 primary chakras of the body and to increase the vibrancy of the body’s aura (energy field).

Partner Yoga Class – a special class for the bride and groom to deepen their connection through the shared experience of partner stretches, breathing exercises, and a Sun and Sea meditation.

Group Yoga Class – a Mixed-Level Hatha Yoga Class appropriate for people of all ages who have traveled to be with their friends and loved ones and witness their wedding celebration; a wonderful way to work out the kinks and tension from traveling.


Wedding Day Events recorded by a professional photographer and videographer.

Morning Flower Blessing - Flowers represent beauty, joy, contentment, and celebration. The bride, with her girlfriends and the female members of her family will enjoy being surrounded by beautiful flowers and natural aromatic oil essences as they prepare for the wedding.

The event can include: hair and make up applications; pedicures and manicures; massages; Mimosas or tropical fruit juice; traditional wedding folk music (or music of the bride’s choice).

Wedding Ceremony - On a beautiful beach in the Mayan Riviera, the bride and groom are surrounded by a circle of their loved ones who individually may share a blessing for the couple when the “talking stick” (a sea shell) is passed to them: they can choose to sing a song; offer a prayer; share a story; recite a poem;, give a hug; or toast to love!

Sun and Moon Ceremony – For couples getting married near the full or new moon, this rite of passage incorporates the merging of the Male and Female aspects of the Sun & Moon and Yin & Yang; a powerful ritual.


"It was the best thing I've done for myself in ages."
H. Martin - Oregon

"An awesome yoga experience."
S. Bradley

"Arielle has simply changed my life."
G. Hayes - London

"High level instruction and excellent classes."
C. Chanel - Life Coach


You must be 18 years of age or older.

Persons under eighteen years of age can't get married without the consent of a parent or guardian. The lowest age for marriage, with parental consent, is 16 for males and 14 for women.

It takes at least 3 working days before the wedding to arrange the necessary paperwork.

All weddings must take place between Monday and Saturday.


1. Proof of citizenship:
Original Birth Certificate* (2 photocopies) or Valid Passport or Drivers license (2 photocopies)
Europeans must have a visa as well.
*If you use a birth certificate it must be translated into Spanish and confirmed by the Office of External Affairs in your country of origin.

2. Tourist I.D. (Tourist white paper obtained at the airport in Cancun ).

3. Medical exam including:
Blood Test Results including: Blood tests MUST be done the week of the wedding
RPR (social disease)
Blood Type
Medical Certificate (in Spanish)
Thorax x-ray plates (Chest X-rays)

4. Home address and occupations of bride and groom.
Divorce Certificate(s) if one or both parties are divorced.

5. Two witnesses for the ceremony with:
Name/Age/Nationalities/Home addresses/Occupations

* Witnesses must have proper identification. Witnesses not from Mexico must have Proof of citizenship: Original Birth Certificate* (2 photocopies) or Valid Passport or Drivers license (2 photocopies)


The Registro Civil

The Registro Civil, found in every city and pueblo, serves as the city hall's marriage license bureau. The bride and groom will have to make their application at the Registro Civil serving the area where they plan to be married.

At the Registro Civil, the betrothed couple will be asked to:

File an application.
Present the original and copies of their passports.
Prove they are legally in Mexico (FMT, tourist card, FM-3, FM-2 or other visa).
Present certified copies of their birth certificates.
Present medical tests results.
Be accompanied by two legally qualified witnesses* who will be present at the civil ceremony.

*Photo identification is required by all participants.

The certified copies of each birth certificate must bear the apostille of the Secretary of State in which the document was issued. And then it must be translated by an approved translator.

The couple must also complete a statement contained in the application designating whether the nuptial duo plans to be married under the system of joint or separate property.

Once the necessary paperwork has been completed a fee is charged ($30-$40 USD) and the license is issued. Civil ceremonies can be performed at the Registro Civil. Waiting periods before performing the civil ceremony vary from state to state.

After the civil ceremony is completed the next step is to obtain a certified copy of the marriage certificate (acta de matrimonio). It is a good idea to obtain several copies.

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