Current Yoga By The Sea Studio Schedule.
Find Arielle as well as our other teachers on rotation at one of these studio classes.

October 2019



Studio class pricing for 2019.
Note that we can only accept payments in cash.

1 Class: $15 USD
3 Classes: $40 USD
6 Classes: $66 USD
1 Month Unlimited: $125 USD
(payment in Mexican pesos possible, find exchange rate at the studio)

Full-Time Playa Residents
1 Class: $100 pesos
8 Classes: $600 pesos
1 Month Unlimited: $750 pesos

Included in these rates is the use of a yoga mat and other props.

Studio Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow

A multi-level yoga class that combines classic Hatha Yoga with select flow sequences to create a balanced and complete yoga experience. Classes often include a theme such as Balances, Arches or Twists. For participants with some yoga experience.


Yoga for EveryBody®

A good all-around yoga class class for students who want to learn classic Hatha Yoga postures in a supportive atmosphere. Breathe deeply, strengthen your body, calm your mind, and relax! Also good for those returning from a yoga absence who want a non-flow class that will help you get started in a yoga program again.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with a series of long-held passive floor poses. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility while calming the mind and nervous system. Although Yin is much deeper than Restorative Yoga, this practice also invites you to go inward by focusing on your breath and can be very therapeutic and meditative, leaving you rejuvenated and restored.

Indulge yourself with gentle yoga while being immersed in the healing sounds of cristal and singing bowls, the didgeridoo and chimes. Perfect companion class to our more vigorous Saturday Hatha Flow class. Or perfect on its own to mellow your way into the weekend.

Yoga Sound Healing

Studio Location


Our Yoga By The Sea Studio is located on the second floor of Palapa Suuk. 
It's a serene space covered by a palapa. What we love the most is the Caribbean breeze flowing freely through the studio, and lots of natural light coming in.

Find Palapa Suuk in Playa del Carmen on Avenida C.T.M. (av.46) between 5th and 10th street. The studio is located inside the Palapa Suuk building. You'll see our blue Yoga By The Sea banner outside. Enter through the reception, and take the stairs up to the shala on the second floor.