Yoga By The Sea Graduates

Arielle taught her first Yoga Teacher Training in 1998, and has graduated hundreds of new yoga teachers since then in the United States and in Mexico.
Needless to say we’re extremely proud of all of our Yoga By The Sea teacher training graduates throughout the years, and the way they have developed their careers as yoga teachers, lifelong students, leaders and entrepreneurs, spreading their light and knowledge beyond imagination. Here you can find some of their stories.


Stephanie Morton

Stephanie morton yoga

“Thanks to the 200 hour yoga teacher training that I took with Arielle, I gained a foundation of knowledge and skills to begin teaching both hatha and vinyasa yoga immediately. This intensive training allowed me to deeply explore my own yoga practice. As well, I learned how the postures and breathing and meditation techniques can be shared in an array of different types of classes and among students from a wide variety of backgrounds. I was able to gain confidence during the time set aside for practice teaching among my peers. I would highly recommend the training to anyone who is interested in both an immersion in the fundamentals of yoga as well those who would like to obtain the practical skills needed to confidently share this practice as a teacher”

Stephanie Morton, Yoga By The Sea Studio Manager and Teacher. NAASFP MRC, E-RYT specializing in Yoga for Athletes, BSc (Neuroscience/Biology), MSc (Rural Planning & International Development)
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Nancy Holland

Nancy holland yoga

“I attended Arielle Thomas Newman's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, after carefully researching many other programs, in the US and abroad. I was seeking a special teacher- and a comprehensive training- and I certainly found one! What drew me to Arielle is her beautiful blend of body/ movement knowledge- from her years as a professional dancer and choreographer- and her understanding of, and commitment to traditional Hatha Yoga, including the ancient philosophical teachings. My training experience was intense: the program combined challenging physical practice with intensive study of yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra and mudra. I feel that this training went well beyond what most 200-hour programs provide; and I felt strong, confident and prepared to begin teaching Yoga as my second career! Since my completion of this training, I have opened my own studio, founded several community yoga programs and events, and built a loyal clientele who appreciate the emphasis on alignment, strength and grace that I learned from Arielle. I highly recommend this program, and have tremendous gratitude for Arielle.”

Nancy L. Holland, Attorney at Law, Co-Founder, Free Akron Yoga, Owner/director Blue Hen Yoga, West Akron, Ohio USA


Simona Ksoll

simona ksoll yoga

“Taking the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga By The Sea changed my life, literally.
It woke me up to my life’s purpose and was the catalyst for me to embark on a journey of personal development which eventually led to leaving the security of my corporate job and starting my own business.
The tools I received from Arielle went far beyond the meticulous teachings of the asanas, the sequencing, the Sanskrit, the beautiful meditations,  anatomy, and yoga philosophy.
It gave me focus and the determination to see things through no matter what. I found my voice and one of my dearest friends. If you want to change your life in more ways than one, give yourself the opportunity to study with a great teacher who puts emphasis on alignment and the wellbeing of her students in the magical paradise that is the Mayan Riviera. Seriously one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.”

Simona Ksoll, Marketing Strategist, Speaker & Personal Mentor


Deborah Leigh-Lasarow

deborah lasarow yoga

“It’s been 6 years’ since I followed my heart’s desire & took my 200-hour Yoga Teacher’s Training at Yoga By The Sea. What an incredible experience it was: I was able to train with one of the most experienced Iyengar Hatha Yoga Teachers, Arielle Thomas Newman, who shared with us her extensive knowledge from her own background of dance, choreography & her own extensive study with senior Iyengar teacher, Judith Lasater. In addition, Arielle also infused the 5 intense weeks with her humor, her stories & her support & understanding, as well as her desire for you to be the best you can be, in your own way, with your own style. The training offered us sessions with a number of different and talented teachers who each taught another aspect of Yoga, from anatomy, Ayurveda, Kundalini, pre-natal, meditation, mudras, pranayama, runner’s yoga & beyond. We learnt about the colorful town of Playa del Carmen as well as the Mexican culture whilst walking from class to class & enjoying the local flavors & sights. What a treat! What an experience! Some of the teachers and students are still my friends & I feel incredibly fortunate to say that I am a graduate of this program!”

Deborah Leigh-Lasarow, Yoga Teacher, doTERRA Wellness Educator, and Massage Therapist. Find Deborah in California, contact her on


Verick Wayne

verick wayne yoga

“If you want more than just instruction, if you’re looking for your yoga teacher training to be a truly life changing and unforgettable experience then come to Yoga By The Sea. Arielle has spent her life curating her skills as an instructor and a guide and her wealth of knowledge, experience, and love for each student shows as she leads you through the curriculum. She has also built a world class network of experts in various yoga specialties that she opens up to her students as guest lecturers and instructors throughout the course. And let’s not forget the beautiful geographic backdrop backdrop of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Come and see for yourself, you wont regret it.”

Verick Wayne, digital strategy agency owner. Right now based out of Austin, TX, but he might be back in Playa soon…


Magdalena Gulda

magdalena gulda yoga

“Amazing experience! Life changing! Not to mention the most beautiful location ever!!!
Highly recommended! The training is very professional and relaxed at the same time. It has very clear, methodological learning blocks. Arielle is a great teacher and mentor. Her experience as a teacher and former dancer makes the training more complete and fulfilling. She is so precise and patient while explaining things.
Arielle and her marvelous team perfectly hold space for you during the entire training, for you to process and go through it smoothly.
We had also great laughter and good fun the whole time! We were such an international, intercontinental mix, it made the experience even more adorable!!! After spending so many hours learning, practicing, eating, swimming and chatting together we made beautiful friendships!
Fresh coconut water, amazing whole foods and baths in the most beautiful ocean ever were all such a great bonus!!!
This training has opened so many doors for me!! Not only giving me a certificate, but also showing me how strong and amazing am I! So big YES!!! If you are considering joining this yogic family, take this chance!”

Magdalena Gulda, Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer at The Sound Healing Institute.


Dominick Richard

dominick richard yoga

“Yoga By The Sea is where my yoga journey began. I was introduced to yoga in the most gentle and healing environment, near the Playa del Carmen Caribbean Sea. All I remember was how rejuvenated I felt after my first yoga classes at the studio. It’s not a surprise that I ended up doing my teacher training with them 4 years after my introduction to the practice. What I received during my training with Arielle is the epitome of what every yoga teacher needs - structure, anatomy and how to connect to your inner wisdom. I first was taught the rudiments of yoga so I could understand it at the core. Then, I was taught a simple structure to build my classes on and the art of sequencing. Finally, Arielle’s unequaled intuition is what made me tap into my own. She taught me how to feel the wisdom of yoga and become that, as I woke the inner teacher. I could not recommend YBS more as a school for yoga. Arielle’s experience makes it an absolute honor to learn from. It was truly a gift that I will cherish for a lifetime as I bloom into the yoga teacher I was destined to be.”

Dominick Richard.


Sarah Straub

sarah straub yoga

Even before completing Yoga By The Sea’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I felt it had an immediate impact on me. Not only had my personal practice improved but my appreciation and understanding of the yogic lifestyle had completely opened my eyes. During our month of training, I began to understand myself more and I now view interactions and situations differently. I approach difficult situations and challenges will more ease, it really has changed me. I began the training simply wanting to improve my own personal practice and to learn more about yoga but soon found that I could see myself as a teacher. Along with the encouragement from all the instructors and Arielle, I discovered this was the direction I was headed after graduation. I never saw myself teaching yoga but I feel confident and good as a teacher now because of everything I learned during the training. Thank you for sharing ( and continuing to share) all of your knowledge with me. This is only the beginning of my yoga career and of me studying yoga.

Currently, I live in Playa del Carmen with my husband, I teach yoga at YBTS, I manage social Media for YBTS as well as 2 other US and Canadian based companies and lastly, I am the founder of Playa Spotlight (a luxury vacation rental and concierge business).”

Sarah Straub
YBTS Spring 2017 YTT Graduate