Playa del Carmen

Yoga By The Sea’s beautiful home town

It's hard to pick up a travel magazine without seeing an article featuring Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya. Once a sleepy fishing town, Playa has developed into an international beach destination while still retaining its laid back charm.

Located just 45 minutes south of Cancun, this Caribbean jewel, with its soft white-sand beaches, trendy bars, fusion-cuisine restaurants, taco stands and fruterias, good shopping and great people-watching is an enticing tropical get away.

Popular outdoor activities include snorkeling, scuba and cavern diving, parasailing, and windsurfing. Mayan archeological sites are an easy day trip. Other options are visiting one of the many cenotes on the peninsula, visiting a world-class golf course, try stand up paddle boarding, or to rent a bike for exploring by yourself.

The pedestrian promenade, Fifth Avenue, (or la Quinta Avenida,) runs parallel to the ocean and is Playa's center for an array of shops - from hand-crafted silver jewelry to folk art to sleek fashion boutiques.

After enjoying dinner in one of Playa’s burgeoning assortment of fine-art dining restaurants enjoy a walk under a canopy of moon and stars, and listen to traditional Mexican Mariachi music, live blues, acoustic guitar, or Salsa dance music. Then dance the night away at a bar or beach club.

In the video below you can get to know more about how studio owner Arielle experiences her life in Playa del Carmen.

Practical Information

Which airport do I fly into?           
Cancun International Airport is conveniently located about 45-minutes driving time from Playa del Carmen on a modern, 4-lane highway. There are many direct flights from major airports in the US, Canada and Europa coming in daily. A good web site to compare air fares is        

How can I get from the airport to Playa?          
You can rent a car; take a taxi (about $100 usd one way); travel via comfortable shared vans (about $25 usd) that will take you right to your desired location in Playa; or there is a bus (around $12 usd or $190 pesos) that runs every 30 minutes from the airport to the central bus station in Playa. The first one as early as 4.30am, the last one around midnight. This bus is the ADO bus (look for the red logo) and once you get off at the ADO station of Playa del Carmen, you can get a taxi for $70 to a $120pesos (about $5 to $8 usd) to anywhere in Playa. Note, most drivers and transportation assistants expect a tip of between 10-30 pesos. There are transportation desks inside the terminal where you can receive information and pay for your ticket. Any hotel you are staying at can arrange for you to be picked up by a private company (about $75 for one person one-way, $120 round-trip)

Where can I use an ATM or exchange money?      
Even though many places do accept payment by card or in USD, it’s a good idea to get some Mexican pesos once you are in Playa. There are many (Mexican and international) banks who have their offices and ATM’s conveniently located in the center of town. You can find most of them on Avenida 10. Try using an ATM attached to an actual bank office. For example Santander on Av.10 and Av. Constituyentes. At all cost avoid using the grey ATM’s on 5th avenue.
To exchange money you can go into a bank or use one of the exchange cabinets. Exchange rates could differ from one to the other but there’s never a big difference. We like using the exchange company San Jorge. Look for the green logo of their offices around town. You can usually go inside, and you’ll have to show your passport.

If I am a woman traveling alone, is it safe?      
Yes, but as with any travel, you want to be aware of your surroundings and where you place your purse and bags. It’s safe and convenient to use the hotels near 5th Avenue and the center. However, if your accommodation is located in one of the darker and more quiet streets, try to avoid walking home alone during the dark and/or flaunting luxury items.
Use your common sense to avoid risky situations and you’re set to enjoy your solo travel! We realize that the safety in Mexico has been a hot topic on the news lately, but all of us are enjoying a very safe and relaxed life here in Playa. Do you still have doubts? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the weather like?
It’s the tropics, so the weather is temperate year-round. In winter, the highs are from mid-70 to the mid 80’s Fahrenheit. Winter lows are on average, 60 to 70 degrees.  In summer, it reaches up to 85- 95 degrees. Due to the Caribbean Sea, it can get humid, (great for the skin), but there’s almost always a pleasant sea breeze coming onto shore which keeps things fresh.
It’s a good idea to pack a light sweater or jacket for the evenings. The sun is out most days, and it doesn’t rain often, but when it does, it can be a tropical downpour for a brief spat, so bring some kind of waterproof outerwear for protection until the rainbows come out! Mosquitoes sometimes come out after a rain too, so pack repellant if you’re sensitive. Wear sun screen even on cloudy days.